Hi, beautiful or handsome!
We are officially starting our journey into beauty! Our second makeup palette will be dedicated to you!

“Beauty Within” is inspired by you. Unique, one of a kind, inspiring and outstanding you!

We wanted to highlight the beauty that comes from within each and everyone of you! Flaws and all. The cover art represents the essence we all hold and the beauty that is captured within us. The humming bird also known as a messenger is sending us prayers and blessings along with successful future.

We hope you enjoy our 9 shades of pigmented eyeshadows meant to match your turquoise or neutral beadwork/jewelry.




The artist behind BIR…

Hello! My name is Matilda Shae Joe. I am from the San Carlos Apache Reservation. I am also part Navajo and always admire that part of who I am. Being a business owner of a Jewelry Business on my Rez is spectacular!

I started beading in 2013. Many family members have told me that beading was definitely in my blood. Making that more of a passion then hobby for me.

I have worked with the San Carlos Forestry, US Fish & Wildlife Service and National Park Service over the years but beading has always been right there waiting for me. 

After losing 3 very important people in my life I started on my journey to heal. Times I did not want to talk I ran to beading. Beading is truly medicine! I always told myself if I could stay home and bead all the time, I would! So, I made that a reality.

In 2020, just around quarantine time I had a video of my Mega Deadly Hoops go viral on TikTok. The amount of support and love I received was just the right amount I needed to go for it! I became a Small Business Owner!

4 years later I am very humbly successful at my craft.

When people wear my beadwork I want them to feel Beautiful, Respected and Powerful. 

Being a Native Business Owner is definitely one of my favorite titles I had accrued. I hope to inspire our youth and give them a representation of what a couple of hank of beads and hoops can do!

My business is dedicated to: 

My Grandma Lucinda Jagles. Thank you Grandma for raising me to be kind, loving and giving.

My Father Curtis Joe. Thank you Dad for raising me to not settle for less, to always keep my head up and be positive!

Last but most definitely not least, My Mother Anjanette Jagles aka AJ. Mom, words cannot describe how grateful I am to have you as my mother. Thank you for everything. I truly owe my success to you.

I miss you all, but its not goodbye, it's see you later!